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Board of directors and the executive management group



The members of the Board of Directors of Jotul AS are:

- Nils Agnar Brunborg, Chair of the Board (CEO)
- René Valentin Christensen, Director (executive)
- Lars Tore Heggem, Director (executive)
- Anette Johansen, Director (employee representative)
- Bjørn Harald Bjørnli, Director (employee representative)
- Øyvind Arne Sandnes, Director (independent)
- Sven Østgulen, Director (independent)



The Group’s executive management team consists of:

Nils Agnar Brunborg, CEO (joined in 2017)
- Master of Science in Business Administration, Norges Handelshøyskole.

Brian Steen Ørum, Product Development (joined in 2017)
- Industrial Engineer, Syddansk Erhvervsskole and B.A. Manufacturing, Syddansk Universitet.
- Other current commitments include being a board member of Wingreen Energy Saving Window and Door System (China).

Rene Christensen, Senior Vice President Sales, North-Europe
- Bachelor of Science in Management, Handelshøyskolen BI.
- Other current commitments include being a board member in Norsk Varme and in Svensk brasvarmeforening.

Guy-Cédric Galea, Managing Director, Jotul France S.A.S. and South Europe
- Diplômé Programme Grande Ecole, EM Lyon Business School.
- President Jotul Italia, Jotul Hispania and Administrator AICO Spa.

Bret Watson, President Jotul North America
- Bachelor of Science in Economics and Psychology, St. Lawrence University and Master of Business Administration, University of Vermont.
- Other current commitments include being a member of the board of directors at Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership.

Lars Tore Heggem, COO
- Mechanical Engineer, Göteborg Tekniska Institut.
- Other current commitments include being the chairman of the board at Molde Glasservice AS and chairman of the board at LTH Eiendom og Handel AS.

Adrian Postolache, CFO (joined in 2021)
- M.Sc. in Accounting and Auditing from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, and ACCA (UK) membership (masters equivalent).