Girl sitting in front of the fireplace Jøtul I 520 FR

A new fireplace made a dream home come true

For a Norwegian family of five, choosing the right fireplace was all important, as this would be the primary source of heating in their second home. Their mountain holiday home is the family’s get-away destination, so relaxation and creature comforts count for a lot.

Family get-away in a mountain retreat

The family of five consists of Silje, Eirik, Elise, Einar and Gustav. With three young children, the couple typically have a hectic life. Eirik is a self-employed naprapath, and Silje is a hairdresser and curates an active interior design account on Instagram @landlig_funkis. This means they are very thankful to have a second home in the countryside for relaxation and restitution. 

Girl sitting in front of the fireplace Jøtul I 520 FR in a Norwegian cabin.
Wood insert Jøtul I 520 FR

Renovation of family home

When they acquired the family holiday home in 2018, there was nothing for it but to roll up their sleeves and set about the fair amount of repair and refurbishment needed. Silje and Eirik were quick to realise that the fireplace was one of the first projects in line. Since the fireplace was the primary source of heating in their holiday home, it was crucial to get this up and running. Before the upgrade project got underway, the home had an old inset fireplace and an old Jøtul F 602. The masonry around the inset fireplace had not been completed, so the installation was scarcely heat efficient.

“We were recommended a Jøtul installer, who came to check the condition of the chimney and advise on our fireplace options. The installer made a thorough inspection of the fireplace and chimney, and found that we also needed a chimney upgrade,” says Silje.

Old wood insert from Dovre
'Before' shots of the fireplace

Choosing a new clean-burning fireplace and chimney upgrade

Silje and Eirik tell us that they searched online for inspiration for their new fireplace, and also visited a showroom until they settled on the one they wanted. They received advice and guidance on the type of fireplace that would meet their needs, and the final choice fell on a Jøtul I 520 FR.

We wanted a more functional, and more contemporary fireplace.

Silje Skrinde

“We’re thrilled by this fireplace; it’s easy to light, clean-burning, produces hardly any soot, retains heat, and the design is appealing. As the fireplace is the primary source of heating in our holiday home, we keep it lit almost the whole time when we’re staying there,” says Silje.

Silje Skrinde curates the Instagram account @landlig_funkis, where you can explore her amazing interiors shots and interior design tips. 

White surround with a black wood insert called Jøtul I 520 FR in a Norwegian cabin.
Taken from @landlig_funkis Instagram
White surround with a black wood insert called Jøtul I 520 FR in a Norwegian cabin.
White surround the the wood insert Jøtul I 520 FR in a living room.

Fireplace insert with a good view to the fire

A clean-burning fireplace in solid cast iron with two panes. The glass sides offer a great view of the flames from different points in the room, and perfect fire visibility. The air wash and coating on the glass make it easier to keep the panes clean. The light-coloured burn plates also provide a light and airy flame picture. The fireplace features a self-closing door, log retainers inside the combustion chamber, and well-designed air vents for ease of fire lighting and maintenance. As an optional extra, the door can be right-hinged to your preference. For optimised heating performance in low-energy homes, the fireplace is enabled for optional outside air intake.

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