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What size fireplace do I need?

Using wood to heat your home is a smart and economical alternative during really cold periods. And nothing beats the heat you get from a crackling fire in your fireplace or wood burner! But there are so many to choose from! So how do you find a fireplace or wood burner that is perfect for your requirements?

Find the right fireplace for your heating needs

When investing in a fireplace or wood burner that will give you the best and most efficient heat, it is essential to start by considering your heating needs. In our experience, it is all too easy to fall for the first one that catches the eye or gives off the most heat. You might then end up with a source of heat that is not ideal for the needs of your home or its intended use. And remember that modern homes are well insulated and do not have the same heat output requirement as an old, draughty house.

“The amount of heating your home needs depends on how well insulated it is, what type it is, the window surface area and the climate where you live.”

A number of factors affect the choice of fireplace

The amount of heating your home needs depends on how well insulated it is, what type it is, the window surface area and the climate where you live.

The rule of thumb is that modern homes and low-energy houses can manage with a given heat output down to 20 watts per square metre, while an older house requires about 50-80 watts per square metre. If you live in a cold area and in an older home with poor insulation, the heat output is about 100 watts per square metre.

The size of the combustion chamber determines the efficiency of the wood burner and how much heat you get from each log during normal usage. In a small, well-insulated room, a burner that is too large will result in small fires that do not heat efficiently and cover the glass in soot which makes it difficult to see the flames.

Check our advice first if you’re thinking of buying a new fireplace


Small room – small wood burner

Don’t let limited space prevent you from enjoying the pleasures of a real fire. We have a selection of wood burners that are suitable for smaller rooms. The Jøtul F 105 range is a small wood burner that is suitable for smaller rooms. It is efficient at producing heat at a significantly lower output than other wood burners. It generates comfortable heat while going easy on firewood.

Our dealers can help you find your dream fireplace

Since many different factors affect the heating needs of a home, we recommend you contact one of our dealers. They can guide you through the options to find a fireplace that is right for you. But it is useful to have an idea about what you need and what you’ll be using your fireplace for before you start looking: And last but not least: What area do you want to heat and how well does your home retain the heat?

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