Christmas with woman in front of a fireplace

Stress-free December in front of the fire

Don’t let the Christmas spirit get lost in high expectations and long to-do lists. Remember to schedule some time for yourself and let the Yuletide atmosphere and a comforting fire take the tension out of your shoulders.

Christmas spirit for you and yours

What gets you into the Christmas spirit? Is it the smell of Christmas baking, the sound of familiar Christmas music, hot chocolate and ginger thins in front of the fireplace, or flopping down on the sofa and watching your favourite Christmas film again? What triggers the festive mood varies from one individual to the next, but most people generally experience feelings of happiness and expectation – as long as the expectations are not beyond what you can manage.

Stress - the worst enemy of Christmas joy

Nothing kills the atmosphere of goodwill and cheer more than stress and the feeling of not being able to create the Christmas you want. Unfortunately, stress and December are two words that well describe the Christmas spirit. With presents to buy, cakes to bake, planning social gatherings, cleaning the house in time for Christmas and so on.

Stress can ruin one of our most enjoyable holidays. So what can we do to make sure Christmas is a time of peace and magic?

Do more of whatever helps you relax

What activities help you wind down? Give yourself time for relaxation and do more of the things that bring you Christmas joy. Watch your favourite series, read a good book and drink mulled wine in front of the fire, go for a walk, and listen to the music you love. You don’t have to squeeze everything into one month. And it’s no big deal if you don’t manage to get it all done. Do you feel it’s necessary to clean the house from top to bottom? Have a major clean-up in November or in the New Year instead. Have you arranged to meet everyone you know in December? Move some of those dates to January and February instead, when the days are long and dark and the next holiday is months away. Decide what is important to you and prioritise accordingly, so you get to enjoy all the good moments that the festive season brings.

Real heat from the fire – good for body and soul

We’ll definitely be making more time to relax in front of the fire with a good book. Did you know that a real fire helps you relax? Yes, it is a proven fact! A wood-burning stove creates a bright focal point during this cold, dark season. The stove’s radiating warmth and crackling sounds actually have a positive effect on blood pressure, according to Christopher D. Lynn, professor at the University of Alabama.

So now you know what to do in the cosiest month of the year... relax in front of the fire with a clear conscience, do more of the things that help you relax and simply enjoy the moment.

We wish you all a wonderful December and a Merry Christmas!

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