Jøtul PC 1200
Jøtul pellet Pellets


The high-power pellet insert


Thanks to the Jøtul PI 1200, enjoy the pleasures of a fireplace with all the advantages of pellets and the programming of your appliance! Its black screen-printed glass blends perfectly into a contemporary formwork. Its high power and large capacity convection fan - with the ability to distribute hot air to other rooms - can meet your heating needs under all circumstances.

  • Ideal for renovation projects
  • Possibility of distributing hot air in other rooms (optional)
  • Personalize the decoration of your fireplace by approaching your Jøtul store


Height: 550 mm

Width: 782 mm

Depth: 614 mm

Clean Burn
Clean burn


  • Height 550 mm

  • Width 782 mm

  • Depth 614 mm

  • Weight 160 kg

  • Flue outlet Ø 80 mm

  • Flue exit options Top

  • Efficiency 90 %

  • Heating capacity cubic up to 360 m³

  • CO Emission 0.01 %

  • Dust Product Emission 21 mg/Nm³

  • NOx Emission 124 mg/Nm³

  • OGC Emission 13 mg/Nm³

  • Clean burn Yes

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Our passion for heating and our long experience of mastering the Scandinavian climate has taught us that heat is more than what can be measured with a thermometer.

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