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Timeless warmth with a soapstone fireplace


Freestanding fireplace with heat-storing soapstone, and an award-winning fireplace insert. This round fireplace is flexible when it comes to placement. It is just as suitable for mounting in corners as against a straight wall. The three glasses provide a good view of the flames from several angles in the room. With air flushing and coated side glasses, it is easier to keep the glasses clean. Soapstone is a natural stone that stores heat and slowly releases it back into the room over time. A user-friendly vent at the top of the surround provides convection heat when open, which provides faster heat to the room. When the valve is closed, you will be able to store the heat for a longer period. The fireplace can be delivered in two heights; 158 cm and 195 cm. If you choose 195 cm, you get a tall and beautiful fireplace, with even more heat-storing soapstone that gives you more heat and lower heating costs.

  • Heat-storing soapstone
  • Suitable for installation in corners and straight walls
  • Smart top valve for good heat utilization


Height: 1,580 mm

Width: 602 mm

Depth: 602 mm


Black paint (Selected)
Clean Burn
Clean burn


  • Height 1580 mm

  • Width 602 mm

  • Depth 602 mm

  • Weight 434 kg

  • Log size up to 33 cm

  • Flue outlet Ø 150 mm

  • Flue exit options Top / Rear

  • Nom output 6.0 kW

  • Efficiency 78 %

  • Heating capacity up to 100 m²

  • CO Emission 0.05 %

  • Dust Product Emission 4 mg/Nm³

  • NOx Emission 92 mg/Nm³

  • OGC Emission 32 mg/Nm³

  • Closed combustion Yes

  • Clean burn Yes

  • External air intake Yes

  • Ash solution Yes

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