Jøtul F 100 ECO LL
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The classic small wood stove


The Jøtul F 100 is the most compact of the range of classic wood stoves while being able to accommodate logs of 40 cm. This model has a large window stylized by arches giving you a superb view of the flames. Enameled cast iron is worked down to the smallest detail in the spirit of Norwegian know-how and ensures durability and ease of maintenance. Depending on your interior, the Jøtul F 100 is available in black blue enamel or ivory enamel. On the practical side, it offers a retractable ashtray avoiding the dispersion of the ashes. Its clean combustion system burns gases and particles inside the combustion chamber for the sake of performance and ecology. In short, a stove discreet by its size, but large by its advantages!

  • Can accommodate 40 cm logs
  • Retractable ashtray
  • Panoramic view of the fire
Clean Burn
Clean burn


  • Weight 97 kg

  • Log size up to 40.00 cm

  • Flue outlet Ø 125.00 mm

  • Flue exit options Top / Rear

  • Min output 2.7 kW

  • Nom output 5.5 kW

  • Efficiency 76 %

  • Heating capacity cubic up to 200 m³

  • CO Emission 0.12 %

  • Dust Product Emission 27 mg/Nm³

  • NOx Emission 116 mg/Nm³

  • OGC Emission 220 mg/Nm³

  • Clean burn Yes

  • Ash solution Yes

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Our passion for heating and our long experience of mastering the Scandinavian climate has taught us that heat is more than what can be measured with a thermometer.

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Jøtul history. Photo.
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