Ignite the future of fireplace comfort

Jøtul wood burning stoves with Zensoric technology is a revolutionary and user-friendly solution. Zensoric automatically optimizes air supply for cleaner and more efficient burning, benefiting the environment and your budget. Additionally, it minimizes soot on the glass of the wood stove!

Whether you’re passionate about sustainability or simply seeking hassle-free fireside “hygge”, Zensoric is the future of wood-burning comfort.

Discover the Jøtul Zensoric Technology in Action

Discover the Zensoric Technology

Where tradition meets tomorrow

Zensoric is an advanced automatic air control developed to optimize combustion and simplify the operation of wood burning stoves. Designed to eliminate user errors, making your fireplace more efficient, sustainable and user-friendly. It has a sensor that monitors the temperature in the wood stove and quickly adjusts air flow to changes in firewood conditions to optimize the combustion process. This reduces energy waste and enhances the wood stove performance.

Modern room with large black Jøtul F 174 wood stove, powder-purple walls, and snowy mountain view

Advantages of Jøtul powered by Zensoric

Consistent heat

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Zensoric regulates airflow for efficient combustion, maintaining stable heat and longer lasting fires.

Reduced emissions

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Zensoric optimizes combustion, leading to significantly lower emissions.

Crystal-clear glass

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The air-washing system keeps the wood stove's glass clean, providing a clear view of the fire.

Explore the Jøtul F 170 Series with Zensoric

All wood burning stoves in the brand new Jøtul F 170 Series integrate Zensoric. We have successfully combined our long heritage and craftsmanship with sustainable technology and modern aesthetics. The series is the result of an intensive research and development project that reflects our commitment to high quality, innovation, and sustainable heating solutions.

You can find these wood burning stoves in three sizes. They have pleasing looks and impressive technology, and they are designed to fit into your home, creating a cozy atmosphere while meeting strict environmental standards. Jøtul celebrates its 170th anniversary by releasing the new electronic wood stove called Jøtul F 170-series.

Black cast iron wood stove Jøtul F 174 Zensoric product image

Jøtul F 174 Zensoric

The Jøtul F 174 is an energy-efficient modern fireplace in an elegant design. Smart technology from Zensoric automatically regulates the airflow for optimal combustion.

The science behind Zensoric automatic air control

Modern wood burning stoves are engineered for high efficiency and low emissions. In a wood burning stove, combustion can primarily be influenced by the total amount of air and the air distribution. Zensoric doesn't leave this to chance but use a sensor to check the temperature to provide the correct amount of oxygen exactly at the right time.

Modern room with large black Jøtul F 174 wood stove, powder-purple walls
The wood stove signals when it is time to add firewood

Changes in temperature identify the combustion phases, which regulate the combustion air.

  • Ignition:
    During ignition Zensoric provides a burst of air to quickly start the fire.
  • Main Combustion:
    In the main burning phase, the amount of ignition air, secondary air and air-wash is reduced. At the same time the amount of tertiary air is increased. This is to keep the oxygen level consistent and prevent excessive burning.
  • Burnout:
    Zensoric increase ignition air flow as the fire goes out. This ensures efficient burnout and reduces the amount of ashes left in the burn chamber. 

Zensoric controls these factors for clean combustion, which is difficult with a manually operated log burner. Zensoric constantly monitor temperature levels, to fine-tune the oxygen supply for optimal performance and lowest possible environmental impact.

Modern room with small black Jøtul F 171 wood stove, powder-purple walls, and snowy mountain view
Jøtul F 171 is a small wood stove - functional and aesthetically pleasing

Power management for Zensoric

Zensoric is controlled by a small motor to regulate airflow accurately through advanced sensor technology.

Detail: USB-C slot of Jøtul F 174 with Zensoric

The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery, easily charged through the USB-C slot using a mobile charger or power bank.

The charger plug conveniently sits at the bottom front of the wood stove.

It takes only 2-3 hours to fully charge it before first use and it maintains its power throughout an entire firing season. Recharge Zensoric at the end of each firing season to ensure optimal performance.

In case of low battery power or sensor malfunction, the log burning stove seamlessly transitions to a safe manual control mode, so you can operate it manually.

This versatile and self-sufficient system truly enhances the wood-burning experience, offering both convenience and efficiency.

Easy Operation

Using Zensoric for effortless wood fired heat

Zensoric transforms the way you operate your wood burning stove, making it as simple as it is groundbreaking. This innovative wood stove does it all for you, even signaling when it's time to add more firewood. Zensoric optimize combustion for a cleaner burn and embraces the future of easy, efficient wood burning heat.

Detail: Black stove with green Zensoric air system light signal

Ready for use?

Open the door and check for a green signal to confirm your wood stove is ready for use.

Modern room with large black Jøtul F 174 wood stove, powder-purple walls

Stack and light

Use the "top-down" method to build your fire. Ignite the fire and close the door.

Make sure you are using dry wood for your fire.

Modern room with large black Jøtul F 174 wood stove with open door, powder-purple walls

Relax and wait

Zensoric takes care of everything for you after ignition. The wood stove will give a light-signal when it's time to add more firewood.

Tailor the heat - adjustments with Zensoric

Detail: air control button on black wood stove Jøtul F 174 Zensoric

Zensoric air control does most of the work, but you can manually adjust to your heating preference using the air control knob.

The knob conveniently sits under the door and allows for flexible adjustments and an enjoyable heating experience.

The knob has five settings to control air supply, so you can easily adjust heat and flame to your liking. Zensoric will continue to improve and make sure the air flow achieves the cleanest combustion.

The wood stove eliminates another common issue in traditional wood burning stoves, namely soot on the windows.

Jøtul F 176 Zensoric

The Jøtul F 176 is a tall, freestanding wood burning stove with an elegant design. Its large glass door offers a fantastic view of the flames. Add heat-retaining stones in the top for maximum heat.

Zensoric – no more cleaning fireplace glass

Self-cleaning glass on a wood stove might sound too good to be true. Zensoric air control continuously adjusts the proper distribution of window purging air throughout the entire burn cycle.

Modern room with large black Jøtul F 176 wood stove, powder purple walls and snowy mountain view

It works by precisely rushing the right amount of air down the inside of the window at the correct moment, to keep your wood burning stoves’ glass clean.

Portrait of man with brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a white shirt

The focus has been on achieving low emissions and ensuring an environmentally friendly wood stove, throughout the entire period of use

Brian Steen Ørum, Research & development manager

Discover the future of wood-burning comfort with Jøtul Zensoric technology. Visit our store and take a closer look at Jøtul wood burning stoves for cleaner, more efficient, and hassle-free fireside heat. Ignite the future of fireplace comfort with Zensoric and Jøtul F 170 wood stoves.


  • No Manual Adjustments:
    Zensoric takes care of air flow adjustments automatically.
  • Cleaner Glass:
    The air-washing system and automatic air control keep the wood burning stove's glass clear.
  • Lower Emissions:
    Zensoric promotes better gas combustion, reducing harmful emissions.
  • Extended Burn Time:
    Enjoy longer intervals between refueling of firewood.
  • Stability and Heat:
    Zensoric maintains stable and consistent heat output.
  • Reduced Ash:
    Optimal combustion leads to less ash.
  • Simplicity:
    Zensoric makes it easier to use your wood stove.