Jøtul F 602 ECO small wood stove with hob in modern living room

Jøtul F 602 ECO – a small wood-burning stove with a great personality

The Jøtul F 602 is one of our great classics. With its timeless design from 1940 and state-of-the-art combustion technology, this wood-burning stove is not just an eye-catching feature in the home, but a loyal companion that you can rely on to give you genuine heat for years to come.

Small woodburner – great classic

The Jøtul F 602 is referred to as one of our true great classic stoves. It was designed by the architects Blakstad and Munthe Kaas, and was embellished by the Norwegian sculptor Ørnulf Bast in 1940. Blakstad and Munthe Kaas did a magnificent job, because since it appeared on the market in 1940 more than 2 million Jøtul F 602 stoves have been sold.

Solid cast iron wood-burning stove

The Jøtul F 602 ECO is crafted from solid cast iron. Cast iron stoves are extremely durable, their parts can easily be replaced and they retain their looks after years of use. What’s more, cast iron can be recycled. Old, recycled cast iron stoves that have been melted down provide us with an important raw material for our production. Basically, the old stoves are unloaded into one end of our plant and emerge as state-of-the-art, clean-burning versions at the other.

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State-of-the-art combustion technology cuts wood consumption by half

By keeping the design from 1940 and combining it with the latest combustion technology we have created a product that boasts the best of both eras.

With correct burning and dry wood, this clean-burning stove can achieve an efficiency rating of 81%! Or in other words, you get much more heat from each log. By comparison, many old woodburners have an efficiency rating of about 50%.

Lighting your Jøtul F 602 ECO correctly, in 4 steps:

  1. Place two large logs in the bottom of the stove.
  2. Stack smaller logs on top in a criss-cross pattern. Remember to leave a bit of space between the logs for the air to circulate.
  3. Place briquettes on top of the kindling pile.
  4. You light the fire from the top and let the flames work their way down so that the gases are burned.
Jøtul F 602 ECO environmentally friendly air duct

More environmentally friendly

A duct in the woodburner leads the air to the top of the burn chamber. This feature makes the woodburner more environmentally friendly by ensuring that any unburned gases are combusted. There is also a separate air system that draws cold air into the hot zone where it is heated up and released into the room.

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Practical wood-burning stove with cooking plate

The cooking plate on top of the F 602 can be used for making meals and hot drinks. This feature was used extensively in the past and is still very popular today.

Terje Agard project engineer at Jøtul

The grooves that we have added to the underside of the cooking plate on the Jøtul F 602 ECO help absorb the heat from the smoke and flames. This makes the efficient cooking plate even better.

Terje Agard, Project Engineer at Jøtul
Jøtul F 602 ECO hob

Show off your cooking skills with an extra cooking plate

You can order an additional cooking plate as an optional extra for your stove (unless your installation requires a top outlet). If you enjoy cooking over real heat from your wood-burning stove, why not expand your “kitchen” with a second cooking plate? With two plates you can cook up a small feast for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bon appétit!

See what others have cooked on their Jøtul F 602:

The Jøtul F 602 is very popular on Instagram and we love checking in to see what our followers are cooking on their Jøtul F 602 stoves.

Jøtul Instagram followers cook on Jøtul F 602 Jøtul Instagram followers cook on Jøtul F 602 Jøtul Instagram followers cook on Jøtul F 602

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Iconic design

Jøtul’s bestsellers are regularly updated to keep up with the times and the Jøtul F 602 is an iconic product that will be very much alive for years to come. We have also made it easier to replace the old F 602 with the new F 602 ECO. So if you want to change to a more environmentally friendly version of the popular F 602, just get in touch with your local dealer.

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