Jøtul F 602

Blueberry pancakes made with Jøtul F 602

Did you know that you can cook on Jøtul F 602? We tried making blueberry pancakes, and the result was delicious!

The world's best-selling wood stove

Jøtul F 602 is one of our great classics. It was made in 1940 and therefore turns 80 this year - 2020. This wood stove is still produced, and is proving just as popular in 2020.

How to use Jøtul F 602 for cooking

  1. Start by building up with fire wood in the stove.
  2. First, place medium-sized logs in the bottom, then smaller firewood.
  3. Top with smaller kindling sticks and fire starters.
  4. Light your fire.
  5. Give your stove some time to get really warm before you start cooking on it.
  6. We made pancakes, and started by using plenty of butter in the frying pan.
  7. Then we poured into the pancake batter.
  8. When the pancake started to stick on top, we flipped it over to the other side and fried it for a few more minutes.

Continue to cook the pancakes until the pancake batter is empty. Top your pancakes with fresh blueberries and enjoy.


Do you want to try the pancake recipe we used?

Try our pancake batter for dinner tonight, and make something the whole family will enjoy.

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