Jøtul FS 520 FRL
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Enjoy the flames and hear the crackle from the fireplace


Spend time on what matters - family, friends and fun. The Jøtul FS 520 series is a series of complete fireplaces consisting of custom framing with insert. The fireplaces are very quick and easy to install, and the surface can be painted in the desired color immediately after installation. To create your personal style, you can of course choose a finer or coarser surface. The choice is yours! The Jøtul FS 520 series is available in four variants; with glass in front, glass in front and on left or right side and glass on three sides.

  • Quick installation
  • Fireplace insert in durable cast iron
  • Give the fireplace a color and surface that suits your interior


Height: 1,685 mm

Width: 575 mm

Depth: 600 mm


Black paint (Selected)
Clean Burn
Clean burn


  • Height 1685 mm

  • Width 575 mm

  • Depth 600 mm

  • Weight 215 kg

  • Log size up to 50 cm

  • Flue outlet Ø 150 mm

  • Flue exit options Top / Rear

  • Nom output 7.0 kW

  • Efficiency 77 %

  • CO Emission 0.07 %

  • Dust Product Emission 14 mg/Nm³

  • NOx Emission 54 mg/Nm³

  • OGC Emission 60 mg/Nm³

  • Closed combustion Yes

  • Clean burn Yes

  • External air intake Yes

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Our passion for heating and our long experience of mastering the Scandinavian climate has taught us that heat is more than what can be measured with a thermometer.

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We want to offer our customers the absolute best stoves, stoves and fireplaces. Therefore, all our products are handmade in Norway with the best materials available.

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