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Wood-burning is environmentally concious and financially profitable

Jøtul is at the forefront globally in regards to environmentally concious fireplace technology.

Clean conscience

There is no reason why you should not have a clean conscience when you relax in front of a fireplace from Jøtul. We are at the forefront globally in regards to environmentally consious fireplace technology. Clean burn is a matter of fact for us.

Environmental consciousness is profitable

Developments in technology have considerably reduced the need for wood fuel in the new and modern Jøtul wood stoves compared to the old, non-cleanburning fireplaces to produce the same amount of heat. If you burn your wood stove in the correct way, you can achieve a reduction of almost half of the wood consumption. In this way, you get maximum heat from wood burning without affecting your local surroundings, in addition to saving money on a lower wood consumption.

What do we mean by cleanburning?

When wood is heated up, gases and particles are released. In an old fireplace, these are transported straight up and out of the chimney in the form of smoke and soot. In cleanburning wood stoves from Jøtul, these are burned by adding extra, heated air (oxygen) just above the fire and getting substantially more out of the wood. Actually up to 90% more under optimal conditions.

Recycling of cast iron

Jøtul is greatly committed to research and development to achieve the cleanest possible production. Fireplaces from Jøtul are produced at one of the cleanest and most modern foundries in the world. The raw materials are based on recycled iron – fireplaces from Jøtul are made from iron that has been melted down and cast again.