Jøtul F 600
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With all of the technological features of its smaller cousins, the Jøtul F 600 is indeed a classic wood stove. It is designed to have room for considerable sized logs and has a large firebox volume to heat much larger rooms. Bigger is definately best. In addition, it is superbly crafted with a side-loading door for added convenience and an easily accessed ashpan.

  • Side and front loading
  • Clean burn with air wash system that keeps the glass clean
  • External air connection kit available


Height: 800 mm

Width: 733 mm

Depth: 688 mm


Blue black (Selected)
Black paint (Selected)
Clean Burn
Clean burn


  • Height 800 mm

  • Width 733 mm

  • Depth 688 mm

  • Weight 200 kg

  • Log size up to 55.00 cm

  • Flue outlet Ø 150.00 mm

  • Flue exit options Top / Rear

  • Min output 4.0 kW

  • Nom output 9.5 kW

  • Max output 12.0 kW

  • Efficiency 78 %

  • Heating capacity cubic up to 400 m³

  • CO Emission 0.10 %

  • Dust Product Emission 35 mg/Nm³

  • NOx Emission 21 mg/Nm³

  • OGC Emission 22 mg/Nm³

  • Closed combustion Yes

  • Clean burn Yes

  • External air intake Yes

  • Ash solution Yes

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Jøtul history. Photo.
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